Taylor Swift’s Home in Rhode Island

June 24, 2013|  Article By : 

Taylor Swift is notorious for dating many guys and writing songs about them. But now apparently, her thing is moving next to them. The 23 year old singer songwriter recently bought a $17.5 million home in Rhode Island, which is near her ex and Kennedy heir, Connor Kennedy. Even though she says she is “never, ever” getting back with her exes (any of them apparently) she has started serious rumors with her recent purchase. But more fascinating than the love story, Taylor Swift’s new home is one of the most luxurious homes on the East coast.

Taylor paid cash for the mansion after making a $1 million profit on her previous home. The structure sits on over 5 acres of ocean front property within 100 feet from the shore line.  Its architecture is in the pure Rhode Island manner with white paint and porches that line the levels. The mansion has at least 3 chimneys to warm up the cool fall and winter nights on the coast, and with 8 different bedrooms you can understand why 3 chimneys would be necessary. The mansion also includes 10.5 bathrooms (with 10 full bathrooms I have no idea why you would need a half bath), and over 11,000 total square feet of living space with a four car garage. The parking isn’t so bad on the grounds with a massive paved upper and lower lot to park your car.


The views aren’t so bad either from this 1930’s home. From Taylor’s back deck you can see Fishers Island Sound, the gorgeous Little Hill Light House, and Little Narragansett Bay, views that any East Coaster would die to have. The interior of the mansion is typical for the Rhode Island area with no longing for sun light the home has a healthy amount of windows, and has many different colors including ocean blue and a romantic red for the sitting area.

Taylor Swift may be called silly by some but her recent purchase in the sleepy town of Watch Hill makes us think she is not so silly after all.

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