Pictures of Inside LeBron James’ House in Miami Florida

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LeBron is no stranger to controversy. Over the past two years he has been at the center of rumors and speculations on whether or not he will go and play for the Miami Heat. But just this last year he put the rumors to rest by signing with the heat for a reported $100 million. So you might be asking yourself, what does a 25 year old do with all that money? Why, buy an amazing home in Miami of course!

LeBron’s millions have bought him one of the most gorgeous and exclusive homes in Miami. The $9 million dollar coconut grove home is breathtaking. The exterior is in a  roman Venetian style with columns, and two wrap around decks for both floors that overlook the gorgeous Biscayne Bay the property is situated on. There is even a fantastic Yacht slip for Lebron or his guests to dock at within a few feet from the back deck. Of course, no mansion is complete without a pool, and LeBron does it big with a stunning infinity pool that looks as though it is melting into the bay.


The Interior of the home has six bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms. The master bathroom comes with a huge walk-in shower (a must for someone LeBron’s height) and a uniquely styled egg shaped tub that allows LeBron to enjoy the view. Ceiling to floor windows line the house, and the bathroom is no different. The house also came with a built in wine cellar that even the biggest wine connoisseur would be jealous of. The kitchen is fit for a five star chef and came with gorgeous granite counter tops and dark mahogany wood for the cabinets. The second story greets guests with a dazzling chandelier that reaches nearly ten feet down from the ceiling. A family theater with leather seats no doubt keeps LeBron’s two children busy during the day. Lighting and open space is the theme of this $9 million quintessential home, and it will more than likely be where LeBron and his family calls home for quite some time.

Photos: Courtesy of Obeo

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