Oprah Winfery’s House Renovation

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This year Oprah Winfrey opted for a major change in her life, she decided her opulent 23,000 square foot mansion just wasn’t satisfying her needs. She just didn’t feel like her home reflected her personality or even her lifestyle at this point in her life.

Oprah’s home originally was decorated with marble, silk, ornate knick knacks, and sitting chairs. Her three dogs often presented a problem because of their constant need to be on her furniture. Guests often recounted how they felt they had to wear heels to just feel like they belonged in her amazing home. The entry way of the home led to a marble stair case and marble floors as far as the eye can see. Additionally, one of the most important rooms in her home is her library. This was a room that was important to get right because Oprah has a passion for reading and for words. Of course, Oprah is a sophisticated and classy woman, and one would expect her home to be nothing short of amazing. After all, she is one of the richest women alive. But Oprah stated that she herself was beginning to not feel at home. She is classy but also needs to have a livable space that she can enjoy even in her comfy home clothes.

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The remodel took a little over 3 months and an untold some of money to complete. Most people wouldn’t dream of renovating an already $85 million dollar home, but Oprah is not “most people.” After the remodel Oprah exclaimed how pleased she was to finally have a house that truly is her home. Her close friend Maya Angelou told Oprah you can either become an old female or a wise woman, and when she decided to remodel she realized the wisdom of changing her home to suit her needs instead of have a home she had to adjust to. Santa Barbara is her home base for the moment, and as she evolves surely we can count on many more changes to this amazing woman’s home and life.

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