Kim Kardashian and Kayne West House in Los Angeles (Pictures)

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Kim and Kayne are the hottest couple in Hollywood right now and seems as though Kim’s recent pregnancy has brought on some nesting instincts. Kim and Kayne reportedly bought a fantastic home in Bel-Air after reports that they were home shopping in Miami. Apparently Kim doesn’t want to be that far away from her mom and family and Kayne does what Kim wants. The home was originally listed at a shocking $11.4 mill but the price was reduced to $10.75 million.

The 9,000 square foot home apparently wasn’t big enough for the Kardashinan family as Kim’s parents are adding an additional 4,000 square feet to it! The mansion was built with Mediterranean style and comes complete with a stunning outside courtyard pool and spa overlooking the California hills. The entrance to the home includes two massive iron layered glass doors that open to a grand foyer with a stunning chandelier. The floors are made of black walnut wood and the ceiling is two-stories high, and the stair case to the right of the entrance leads to an equally gorgeous upstairs. Going straight from the entrance the living room is open and includes a fireplace and floor to ceiling windows that set the stage for the backyard. The dining room includes an expensive chandelier and a sunken in ceiling.


Of course we can’t forget about the kitchen. Fit for a five star chef, the custom kitchen includes granite counter tops and expensive dark wood cabinets and cathedral high ceilings decked out in the Mediterranean style. The kitchens vent hood reflects the style with a simple hand painted floral design. Immediately to the kitchens left hand side there is another living room with a fireplace that opens to the backyard. The black walnut floors continue throughout the downstairs. Included in the living room is a small entertaining bar complete with granite countertops.

The upstairs is the home of the five separate bedrooms including the master suite. The master suites bathroom is phenomenal. It has a full stand up shower made out of solid granite and the master tub is surrounded by massive granite or marble pillars and jets to complete the five star amenities. A closet that is perfect for Kim’s undoubtedly massive wardrobe resides in the room as well. A balcony for the bedrooms also makes the home feel like a resort, which is probably what Kim and Kayne were going for all along.

Five bedrooms, 9,000 square feet and 4,000 more on the way make for one impressive celebrity home. We are sure little North will love growing up in this unbelievable mansion.

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