John Travolta’s House with Runway for his Airplanes

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John Travolta is well known for his roles in movies like Grease and Pulp Fiction, but his home and toys might be the most interesting aspect to this dynamic actor. Of the many homes John Travolta and his family own the most impressive by far is the Travolta’s home in Ocala Florida. The reason for the fascination with his home is due in part to John Travolta’s flying obsession. The private community that the Travolta’s live in allowed them to build a runway up to their front porch, and that is exactly what they did. Travolta owns several aircrafts including a Boeing 707. He also is in possession of a commercial air pilot license that gives him the freedom to take off and fly any of his jets as he so pleases.


The cost of this aviation dream home was right at the $4.9 million mark. The cost was due in part to having access to the worlds only privately ran fully paved, and fully light runway. Travolta and his wife Kelly bought the home from Frank Sinatra and have since made their own improvements. In addition to the significant runway and airport hanger, the mansion is home to a beautiful pool and gorgeous interior architecture. The home originally was built with the kitchen in mind, but ideas sprung off the aviation theme have created a luxurious and whimsical home for the Travolta’s. Not lacking in planning and structure the home also includes its very own control tower for keeping in contact with John as he flies from home to home.

The interior is environmentally friendly and designed focused. The open floor plan and extensive windows cut down on the energy costs for the home and give it that Floridian feel that most people would die for. Regardless of whether you love John Travolta or not so much, you have to admit his Ocala home cannot be compared to any other.

Photos: Courtesy of Architectural Digest (Hollywood at Home: John Travolta)

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