James Franco Scores Big with Latest Real Estate Sale

December 22, 2017|  Article By : 

Actor, director, and writer James Franco has sold his Silver Lake duplex for roughly 40% over the premium asking price. Not only that, the property sold rather quickly, particularly for the area—in just 5 weeks.

Franco received—and accepted—an offer of $1.35 million, which was $400K over his asking price. The buyer knew the rental potential of the property, which combines two lovely apartments into a Spanish-style, single two-story residence. The property dates back to the 1920’s and has had minimal renovations done.

The building’s exterior looks quite nice with a whitewash finish alongside black accents, all of which complements the terra-cotta tile perfectly. Inside the home, there is plenty of natural lighting and open spaces. There’s also tons of hidden charm throughout the period-rich home.

Multiple arches and barrel ceilings go well with the era the home was built in. The vintage light fixtures, narrow plank hardwood and tile floors all come together quite nicely with the brick and timber materials.

There’s also a sunroom with French windows on each side. And while the master bedroom isn’t large, it is comfortable and has its own fireplace.

The land space isn’t large, but it includes a rooftop deck and a meditation garden.
Franco directed this year’s ‘Bukowski’ film which has been tied up in the courts due to a lawsuit since 2014.

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