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Twitter Founder Evan Williams House for Sale in San Francisco

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Twitter Founder Evan Williams House for Sale in San Francisco
  • Price: $2,995,000
  • Category: House for Sale
  • Bed: 4
  • Bath: 4
  • Listed in: 1950
  • Home Size: 3200 sqft
  • Photo Credit: McQuire

When Evan Williams founded Twitter he had short, simple, and sleek communication in mind. In his Victorian era home in San Francisco, complete with renovations, he reflected that style. Evan and his wife bought their newly listed real estate back in 2009 for a cool $2.4 million, after renovations they are now asking $2.995 million, a slight increase but still within reason for the area.

Evan’s San Francisco home includes a guest house and has 3,200 square feet of living space. There are four full bedrooms in the main home accompanied by 4 full bathrooms and one half bath. The home is everything you would expect from Silicon Valley and from a tech master like Evan. The house is well lit with windows around every possible corner. The interior’s main colors are white, gray, and a grayish blue. There is dark mahogany hardwood throughout the home and hand laid tile in the bathrooms and guest house. One of the best features of this renovated home are the patios. The house spans three floors and on each floor a bedroom has a balcony and private patio attached. Each patio overlooks the San Francisco skyline and is the perfect place for solitude and privacy.

In addition to highly modern style and an open floor plan Evan’s home is also environmental friendly giving buyers another reason to check it out. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to keep the cost of electricity down while saving the environment. The home also includes a private garden for relaxation and spa showers for the perfect shower to wake you up. This ultra modern home also includes an ultra modern kitchen that a five star chef would feel at home in.

Even though Evan has listed his home for sale it is unlikely that he will be moving anywhere away from Silicon Valley as he is involved with another social media platform called Medium, which is set to make waves once it is fully launched.

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