Celebrity Homes

Bruce Willis Unloads his $16.5 Million Property

September 27, 2014|  Article By : 

Bruce Willis’ Beverly Hills home recently sold for a hefty $16.5 million and even though it didn’t ‘die hard’ it did sell under his asking price either. His original asking price was $5 million more than what he eventually sold it for. Of course, keep in mind that he only...

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Kevin Jonas Sells New Jersey Home

June 22, 2014|  Article By : 

Although the Jonas brothers were a serious hit in the 2000s, the band quickly broke up after creativity disputes. Now, the trio has gone their separate paths with the oldest brother choosing to make a name for himself as a construction company owner. Kevin Jonas and his wife recently sold...

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Bernie Madoff’s Previous Penthouse finds a Buyer

October 19, 2014|  Article By : 


Berine Madoff’s long-lived Ponzi scheme came crashing down in 2010 when he was convicted of siphoning over $17 billion of hard-earned investor money into his very own bank account. Since his conviction, the government ordered his glorious palatial penthouse to be listed for sale. The property recently sold for $14.5...

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Pete Rose Sells Sherman Oaks Home

October 5, 2014|  Article By : 


The world famous, almost hall-of-famer, Pete Rose just sold his Sherman Oaks home for $1.9 million. That price point might not sound outrageous by celebrity standards, but Rose actually made out with a $1 million profit. Not too shabby for a man who doesn’t even play in MLB anymore. Rose’s...

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Meg Ryan Snaps up an $8 million N.Y.C Pad

September 21, 2014|  Article By : 


Originally the property of Hank Azaria, Meg Ryan’s new crib is everything a New York loft should be. The actress purchased the loft for $8 million after Azaria had been leasing the property out at $16K a month since 2011. Azaria purchased the property in 2005 for $4.6 million. Situated...

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Katie Holmes Buys Home in Calabasas California

September 16, 2014|  Article By : 


Katie Holmes has had it rough over the past decade. From her days as an American sweetheart on Dawson’s Creek to living behind one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood, she has experienced less than ideal circumstances. But now the actress aims to put all of that behind her...

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Phil Jackson Lands Himself a New Condo in New York City

September 1, 2014|  Article By : 


After securing a $60 million contract with the New York Knicks, Coach Phil Jackson went out and did a little shopping. Mr. Jackson’s new pad is everything it ought to be for the head coach of the Knicks. For just $4.85 million Jackson bought a historic co-op property in New...

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Truman Capote Hamptons Home Lists for $14 million

August 30, 2014|  Article By : 


Property in the Hamptons is nothing short of outrageous, and this property is no different. Truman Capote purchased a piece of property in the Hamptons in 1962 and last lived there in the 1980’s, but that didn’t stop his estate from listing the property for $14 million. So what exactly...

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Tim Tebow Makes a Big Purchase in Florida

August 11, 2014|  Article By : 


Former NFL quarter back for the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow has recently made a major home purchase on the Kernana Golf and Country Club in Jacksonville Florida. Coincidently, Jacksonville is also his hometown. It seems that the football super star wanted to get back to the basics and get back...

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Rosie O’Donnell Lists Four Homes in New York

August 3, 2014|  Article By : 


Between 2002 and 2008 Rosie O’Donnell and her wife Michelle Rounds, collected four separate properties alongside the Hudson River in Nyack, New York. However, it looks as though the popular comedian will be selling her properties in hopes of obtaining a better public school system for her children. According to...

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Former President George W. Bush’s Texas Ranch

August 2, 2014|  Article By :   | 


Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush, own a 1,600 acre ranch in Crawford, Texas just 30 miles West of Waco. Known as Prairie Chapel Ranch, the property itself stretches out across the diverse Texas landscape full of tumbleweeds and Longhorn cattle while sparing natural beauty such as...

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