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Kevin Jonas Sells New Jersey Home

June 22, 2014|  Article By : 

Although the Jonas brothers were a serious hit in the 2000s, the band quickly broke up after creativity disputes. Now, the trio has gone their separate paths with the oldest brother choosing to make a name for himself as a construction company owner. Kevin Jonas and his wife recently sold...

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Tim Tebow Makes a Big Purchase in Florida

August 11, 2014|  Article By : 


Former NFL quarter back for the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow has recently made a major home purchase on the Kernana Golf and Country Club in Jacksonville Florida. Coincidently, Jacksonville is also his hometown. It seems that the football super star wanted to get back to the basics and get back...

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Rosie O’Donnell Lists Four Homes in New York

August 3, 2014|  Article By : 


Between 2002 and 2008 Rosie O’Donnell and her wife Michelle Rounds, collected four separate properties alongside the Hudson River in Nyack, New York. However, it looks as though the popular comedian will be selling her properties in hopes of obtaining a better public school system for her children. According to...

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Former President George W. Bush’s Texas Ranch

August 2, 2014|  Article By :   | 


Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush, own a 1,600 acre ranch in Crawford, Texas just 30 miles West of Waco. Known as Prairie Chapel Ranch, the property itself stretches out across the diverse Texas landscape full of tumbleweeds and Longhorn cattle while sparing natural beauty such as...

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The ‘Money Pit’ House is For Sale Once Again

July 22, 2014|  Article By : 


The 1986 Film ‘Money Pit’ was apparently true to life for the buyers who actually owned the property. The comedy starred Tom Hanks, and was based around a home that needed serious renovations despite its outward appearance. However, according to the previous home owners, the film pretty much summed up...

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The Late Casey Kasem’s Amazing Home

July 13, 2014|  Article By : 


The famous disc jockey, voice actor, and co-founder of the radio show “American Top 40″, Casey Kasem passed away this past June at the age of 82. There was much controversy surrounding his passing along with plenty of rumors. One such rumor involved Casey’s estate in Beverly Hills, California. The...

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Walt Disney’s “Carolwood” Estate Sold

July 7, 2014|  Article By : 


Walt Disney’s former estate recently sold in Beverly Hills for $74 million, nearly $16 million under the original asking price of $90 million. The estate was bought by Walt Disney in the early 70s, but was purchased by new owners in 2001 and renovations were done on the property’s former...

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Comedian Louis CK Purchases Babe Ruth’s Summer Home

June 15, 2014|  Article By : 


When one looks at Louis CK one does not automatically think “Hamptons Summer Beach Homeowner”, but one would now officially be wrong. Recently, comedian superstar Louis CK purchased the homerun Hall-of-Famer’s beach house. Funny enough, the price wasn’t as dramatic as you might assume. For $2.49 million the actor/comedian purchased...

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Modern Family’s Sophia Vergara Purchases Beverly Hills Home

May 27, 2014|  Article By : 


As the highest paid television actress on TV today Sophia Vergara has recently dropped $10 million on a Beverly Hills mansion. Her endorsements with Pepsi and Cover Girl have landed her some serious cash that apparently was burning a hole in her Gucci bag. The purchase comes as the star...

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Demi Moore Lists NYC triplex for $75 million

May 21, 2014|  Article By : 


After her divorce from ex-husband Bruce Willis, Demi Moore was able to accrue the gorgeous south tower apartment that sits high atop the South tower of the San Remo Twin Tower complex. Known for the celebrity homeowners who’ve chosen to reside in the buildings, San Remo is some of New...

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